Predictions!  2007



These are the TBRW ECAC Predictions for the 2006-07 season.  For the gory statistical details, see Never Apologize, Never Explain.

What a difference a year makes.  Twenty-six little fortnights.

Cornell hockey is nearly unrecognizable from the product Coach Mike Schafer iced last fall.  Gone, first, is a large and important senior class: scorer Matt Moulson, two-way whiz Dan Pegoraro, the hustling Abbott twins, solid blueliner John Gleed, and Gunga Din-like goaltender Louis Chabot.

Came the summer.  July.  104 degrees in the shade.  The slushball was the defections of David McKee (expected), Sasha Pokulok (suspected) and Ryan O'Byrne ("what the ----?") to NHL contracts.  Suddenly, as Cornell prepared to admit a crew of forwards tasked with stepping in immediately as the core of the team's attack, their erstwhile stalwart defense receded like the tide evaporating from a summer beach.

All of which amounts to this: 2006-07, for the first time in a long time, will likely be a very tough year for fans to swallow.  Lord knows, the Big Red deserve slack, after a five-year run which has included a return to the Frozen Four and three near misses.  Likewise, Coach Schafer has earned our trust in the direction he is taking the program, his aim never wavering from a national title which, prior to his engagement as coach, seemed like a cloud of controlled substance-enhanced nostalgia.

Relax.  Enjoy this year.  Lynah has new touches for the fans and for the players.  We have a very young team that will make a huge number of mistakes right before our eyes -- stuff even that idiot newbie to your left will catch and bawl about when he's not screaming "Shoot!  Shoot!" on the power play.  If you expect a .900 winning percentage, ha ha, um, get used to disappointment.  If you want to see a group of kids learn and come together under an experienced coach's tutelage, and perhaps make a modest post-season run, you've come to the right place.

And hey, they're an underdog again!

It was great to be the Big Dog -- the Biggest the conference has seen in a generation.  Now, it will be exhilarating to be that little snapping a-hole puppy who messes on everybody's rug.


The Bottom Line

1.  Dartmouth


3.  Harvard
4.  Cornell
5t Clarkson
5t St. Lawrence
7.  Union
8.  Quinnipiac
9.  RPI
10.  Princeton
11.  Brown
12.  Yale



Stability is a Wonderful Thing

We repeat the prior year's methodology.  For the full statistical details, see Never Apologize, Never Explain.

ECAC Early Departures

We know of the following non-senior departures, either by defection to the pros, transfer, loss of eligibility or leaving the team or school, among players with at least one appearance last season:

In all other cases, each non-senior who appeared in at least one game last season is assumed to be returning.

ECAC Surprise Re-arrivals

We have some prodigal sons who have returned to the ECAC rosters:

In addition, several transfers grace ECAC rosters: