ECAC Final Four

  Champion 2nd 3rd 4th
1962 St. Lawrence Clarkson Harvard Colby
1963 Harvard BC Clarkson St. Lawrence
1964 Providence St. Lawrence RPI Clarkson
1965 BC Brown BU Clarkson
1966 Clarkson Cornell BU Brown
1967 Cornell BU BC St. Lawrence
1968 Cornell BC Clarkson BU
1969 Cornell Harvard BU Clarkson
1970 Cornell Clarkson BU Harvard
1971 Harvard Clarkson BU Cornell
1972 BU Cornell Harvard
1973 Cornell BC Clarkson Penn
1974 BU Harvard Cornell RPI
1975 BU Harvard Vermont Cornell
1976 BU Brown Cornell Harvard
1977 BU Cornell Clarkson
1978 BC Providence BU Brown
1979 Dartmouth Cornell BU
1980 Cornell Dartmouth Providence Clarkson
1981 Providence Cornell Clarkson Colgate
1982 Northeastern Harvard Clarkson
1983 Harvard Providence St. Lawrence
1984 RPI BU Clarkson BC
1985 RPI Harvard Cornell Clarkson
1986 Cornell Clarkson Harvard Yale
1987 Harvard St. Lawrence RPI Yale
1988 St. Lawrence Clarkson Harvard Vermont
  Champion 2nd 3rd
1989 St. Lawrence Vermont Cornell Harvard
1990 Colgate RPI Clarkson Cornell
1991 Clarkson St. Lawrence Cornell Harvard
1992 St. Lawrence Cornell Clarkson RPI
  Champion 2nd 3rd 4th
1993 Clarkson Brown Harvard RPI
1994 Harvard RPI Clarkson Brown
1995 RPI Princeton Clarkson Colgate
1996 Cornell Harvard Vermont Clarkson
1997 Cornell Clarkson RPI Princeton
1998 Princeton Clarkson Harvard Yale
1999 Clarkson St. Lawrence RPI Princeton
2000 St. Lawrence RPI Colgate Cornell
2001 St. Lawrence Cornell Harvard Dartmouth
2002 Harvard Cornell RPI Clarkson
2003 Cornell Harvard Dartmouth Brown
2004 Harvard Clarkson Colgate Dartmouth
2005 Cornell Harvard          Colgate Vermont
2006 Harvard Cornell Dartmouth Colgate
2007 Clarkson St. Lawrence Dartmouth
2008 Princeton Harvard Cornell Colgate
2009 Yale Cornell   St. Lawrence Princeton
2010 Cornell Union   Brown St. Lawrence
2011 Yale Cornell   Dartmouth
2012 Union Harvard   Cornell
2013 Union Brown   Yale
  Champion 2nd 3rd
2014 Union   Cornell
2015 Harvard   St. Lawrence
2016 Harvard   Dartmouth St. Lawrence
2017 Harvard Cornell   Union
2018 Princeton Clarkson   Cornell Harvard
2019 Clarkson Cornell   Brown Harvard
2021 St. Lawrence    
2022 Harvard   Clarkson

In 1981 and 1987 the consolation ended in a tie. In those seasons, the two 3rd place teams are alphabetical.